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Service to Ukraine
Head of office Mr. Neal Walker
Resident Coordinator
Street address 1 Klovskiy Uzviz
Kyiv, Ukraine
Website http://www.un.org.ua/en  English
http://www.un.org.ua/ua  Ukranian
Products and services Reference library, Television programme
Working language English, Ukranian
Work week
Monday 0800 1700
Tuesday 0800 1700
Wednesday 0800 1700
Thursday 0800 1700
Friday 0800 1700
Holidays 2016
1 January New Year
7 January Christmas (orthodox)
8 March International Women's Day
2 May Easter, Labour Day
9 May Victory and Commemoration Day
19 June Orthodox Trinity
24 August Independence Day Ukraine
13 September Eid al-Adha
14 October Defender Day Ukraine
25 December Christmas
Mailing address 1 Klovskiy Uzviz
Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone (380-44) 253-9363
Fax (380-44) 253-26-07
Contacts Mr. Neal Walker
Resident Coordinator

Ms. Victoria Andrievska
Information Officer, UN Communication Officer

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