International Day of Peace in Togo

21 September 2015

“Partnerships for Peace-Dignity for all” This theme of this year celebration of the International Day of Peace was illustrated in Togo by the support the UN System gave to the NGO “Peace One Day” in the organization of a popular march and a football match on Sunday 20th September 2015. 

Many UN staff members joined the Resident Coordinator, Ms. Khardiata Lo N’Diaye, the UNHCR Representative and UNREC Director in the march which ended in the main stadium where they assisted to a football match between two melting pot teams composed with formers football players and trainers, soldiers, Directors of local enterprises, members of media and Civil Society. 

The first kick of the football match won by the formers players and trainers who scored 2 goals to nil was given by the Resident Coordinator. With her two colleagues, they gave interviews in which explaining the reason of this celebration all over the World and the content of the theme. The Secretary’s message was distributed by the NIO who also gave interview to the media in local language.  

On Monday 21st September, the NIO organized discussions on Peace in an International school called “ARC-EN-CIEL”. More than 40 nationalities are represented in that school attended by 150 young pupils from 4 to 12 years. Before the discussions, these pupils proceeded to a launch of balloons with different messages on Peace read by every class before the launching.   

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UN4U at Bethold Primary School

14 September 2015

UNIC Windhoek is proud to conclude the UN4U programme for 2015. With an initial target set at reaching 3000 learners for 2015, the team is proud to announce that UNIC Windhoek has surpassed this target! This year, UNIC managed to reach a total of 3633 learners in Windhoek! 

The last school to receive a visit from UNIC Windhoek on 14 September 2015 was the Bethold Himumuine Primary School located in Katutura.  The team was welcomed by a group of 520 grade 5, 6 and 7 learners.

The learners were seated in the assembly area eager to find out on what the UNIC team intended to share with them. The UN4U presentation followed an engaging sequence starting with the history and ending off with a video summarizing all the facts the young children had learnt. The Bethold Primary learners were able to answer all the questions posed by the team members and UNIC was proud of their in depth knowledge of the UN. The group received UNIC Windhoek branded pens at the end of the presentation.

The 2015 UN4U programme was a big success, with each school presenting a unique challenge, and requiring a tailored approach. Bringing the message of peace and inspiring 3633 children on the important mandate of the UN has been a rewarding and an important learning experience for the UNIC team. Each school group was different and had a particular interest and engaged differently, however, all the children agreed, that without the United Nations organization, the world would not be what it is today, and many expressed a desire to one day work for the UN.

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UN4U at Tobias Hainyeko Primary School

10 September 2015

On 10 September, UNIC Windhoek visited Tobias Hainyeko Primary School situated in Katutura. The team was welcomed by the school staff members as well as 350 grade 5, 6 and 7 learners who were assembled and ready to learn more about the UN. 

After introducing the team members, the UNIC team got the learners onto their feet and moving to the smooth sounds played by one of the talented UNIC interns playing the trumpet. There was excitement in the atmosphere as the learners clapped and sang along to the tunes.

 The trumpet performance set the tone, as the learners were very eager to find out what was next… What followed was the presentation detailing in great depth the history, structure and function of the UN and various bodies. 

The UNIC Windhoek team noticed that the learners were curious and asked a lot of questions, as the subject matter was completely new to them. The team was therefore happy to answer questions and elaborate on some of the functions and programmes that intrigued the group.

To conclude the presentation, a short video clip summarizing all the facts and information that was shared. Each learner received a UNIC Windhoek branded pen, thanking them for their participation in the outreach.

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UN4U at Elim Primary School

09 September 2015

The UN4U programme provides an invaluable opportunity for young children to learn more about the work of the UN, its history and vision for the future. UNIC Windhoek visited Elim Primary School located in Khomasdal, on 9 September 2015. 

The team received a very warm welcome reception at the school, welcomed in song and had the pleasure of spending the morning with five hundred and sixty (560) grade 5, 6 and 7 learners during their morning assembly session.

From the introduction of the United Nations, its history, composition and various agencies, the learners remained attentive and eagerly took the opportunity to engage with the team and answer questions. They were particularly interested in the role of the UN in Namibia as well as the various peacekeeping missions around the world.

Despite the challenge in keeping the attention of such an enormous group as well as the challenging visibility conditions as a result of the set up outside, the message and mandate of the UN was clearly communicated and understood by the young learners.  Questions were asked throughout the presentation and correct answers were rewarded with lollipops, which were a hit among the learners and a delicious incentive to enjoy. The learners acknowledged that for the majority of them, the UN4U programme was their first interaction with the UN and an important first step to learn about the work of the United Nations. After showing a video about the UN, each learner received a UNIC Windhoek pen, the branded pens were received with grateful smiles and hugs.

Finally the UN4U session concluded to resounding applause of the learners and the School’s Principal thanked UNIC for visiting the school and felt that the learners had learnt a lot through the UN4U campaign.  

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