UN@70, Post-2015 Development Agenda Echo at Women empowerment workshop

29 May 2015

The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Lagos and Brightlight Studios have hosted 152 women who defied the biting fuel scarcity in Nigeria and the status of Sunday as a rest day to aspire to be ‘A Better Me’, the theme of the Homemakers Lifestyle and Empowerment Workshop organized as part of activities marking the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations (UN); contribute to the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 3 - “Gender Equality and Empowerment” and the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

Speaking, the Director of UNIC Lagos, Ronald Kayanja, represented by the Centre’s National Information Officer, Oluseyi Soremekun, reiterated that women remained a priority group for the United Nations and reassured that the UN would continue to work for the development of women.

The Women Empowerment Workshop reached a climax head-gear during the head-gear (Gele) tying lessons as all participants brought out their ‘Gele’ for practice.

A participant, Ms Olaitan Ajilogba, who conspicuously battled to get the tying right for a long period during the session expressed her delight that she eventually mastered the process and ‘tied a beautiful and glamorous head-gear.’ Another participant, Ms Aisha Joy Omosun, noted that the Make-up session was very instructive and educating and would add values to social and economic profiles of the women.

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International Day of Peacekeepers in Australia

29 May 2015

On International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers the Director of UNIC Canberra participated in a Commemorative Service at St Michael's New South Wales Police Memorial Chapel, New South Wales Police Force Academy in Goulburn.

After the National Anthem and welcome from the Senior Chaplin, candles were lit in memory of the four Australian policeman who lost their lives serving with the United Nations.

The Director of UNIC read the Secretary-General's message for the day which was a poignant moment a reflection upon the memory of those who gave their lives to the cause of peace, and paid tribute to all men and women who carry on their legacy by serving in the field.

Members of the United Nations and Overseas Policing Association of Australia read the Invocation part of which stated ”Let us recall our fellow Australians, those of other nationalities here today- who have served proudly under the flag of the United Nations in its Peacekeeping actions throughout the world over the many years - and in remembering those who fell in their most gallant calling - let us honour the many servants of the United Nations - who- do the limit of their human strength - and even beyond- give of their wills and their spirits - that their days might be our tomorrows”.

A prayer of thanksgiving for past and present custodians of the sacred space was also read which included the lines ' we give thanks that in keeping with the cultural and spiritual tradition of the area, the land on which we now stand, and the building in which we now are, is continuing to carry on the ancient tradition of being a place to bring people together for worship and sacred rituals. It also acknowledged that the chapel stands within the lands of the Mulwaree, Tarlo, Burra Burra, Wollondilly, Wiradjuri, Gundungurra, Dharrook, Tharawal, Lachlan, Pajong, Parramarragoo, Cookmal and Ngunwal Peoples.

Prayers were also given for the United Nations as was the Official Policeman's Prayer. Following this a minute of silence was held for Sergeant Llewelyn Thomas, Inspector Patrick Mark Hackett, Sergeant Ian Donald Ward, Protective Service Officer Adam Dunning and Sergeant Brett Kinlock all who gave their lives in the service of the United Nations.

The final phrases of the Police Ode filled the chapel with reflection " And we that are left, Shall never forget, Rest in peace, Friend and colleague, For the sun has now set , We will remember."

The Service was organised by the United Nations and Overseas Policing Association of Australia.

Partnership “UN 70-Italy’s 60th Anniversary in the UN” – International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

29 May 2015

 UNRIC Desk for Italy played an active role in the full-day celebration of the UN Peacekeepers Day on the theme “The Role of Italy in the UN Peacekeeping Operations”, organized by the UN Global Support Center at the Brindisi Base (www.unlb.org) and featuring Italy’s high-ranking governmental authorities (Foreign and Defence Ministries), UN officials, local institutions and civil society. 

In the current phase of further transformation of the UN Peacekeeping and the growing demands placed upon the UN in a changing, more volatile context, the Brindisi structure is key in helping the Organization to face the impressive reality of sixteen missions worldwide deploying more than a record 125,000 peacekeepers with an annual budgetary commitment of $8.47 billion. 

Italy has been hosting the Base for the last twenty-one years, and shows with its logistical support and financial contribution the importance UN peacekeeping is for the country, which is the first troop contributor among the G-8. 

The Desk Officer was asked to act as a “master of ceremony” throughout the official commemoration that took place in the afternoon following the premises’ tour. The program included a parade of the four branches of Italy’s armed forces (Navy, Army, Air Force and Carabinieri) as well as of Red Cross volunteers, NGOs, associations of the civil society and schools. The UN, Europe and Italy’s flags were presented to the public and the relevant anthems were performed. Official speeches were delivered, including by the Desk Officer who introduced the official part of the ceremony. 

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Trento University – School of International Studies – Conversations with professional Practitioners

28 May 2015

Strengthening its working relationship with Trento University’s School of International Studies (www.unitn.it/ssi)  one of UNRIC Desk for Italy’s  main academic partners, the Desk Officer held a presentation for some fifty Master’s and last year’s university international and Italian students within the context of the conversations with professional practitioners titled “Making an International Career: Which Way from Here?”. This is a set of regular meetings international officials hold with students throughout the academic year, aimed at providing them with additional information and tools to better chart their international career’s path. Former UNRWA Commissioner General, Filippo Grandi, has among others been featuring among the speakers this year. 

UNRIC’s presentation was titled “United Nations Peacekeeping: Contexts and Prospects – An Overview of UN Careers”, reflecting, like the Desk’ other activities of the week, the UN Peacekeeping as the guiding theme for the presentations held in the period.

The Desk Officer drew on two PowerPoint presentations on Peacekeeping and UN careers and expanded on such critical issues as the changing nature of Peacekeeping and the way forward; New Horizon; the ongoing review exercise among others. 

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