Importance of Literacy and Education for Sustainable Development

08 September 2014
 participants at the event


UNO Baku, in cooperation with the Bright Future Youth Public Union and Azerbaijan Youth Foundation, organized a discussion session to celebrate International Literacy Day on 8 September in Mingacevir. The event brought together young NGO representatives, community members and young teachers to discuss this year’s observance themed “Literacy and Sustainable Development”, with the aim of highlighting the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. 

The event started with the screening of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 2 - Achieve Universal Primary Education, a video depicting the importance of education and literacy for human beings. After the screening, the UNO Baku team delivered an insightful presentation mentioning the importance of literacy as a key element needed to promote sustainable development -- as it empowers people to make the right decisions in the areas of economic growth, social development and environmental integration. 

“By promoting literacy, you can help people gain awareness that literacy is the foundation of all learning and development,” said Zaka Guluyev, a UNO Baku team member. He also mentioned that it was vital that people reach out to one another in order to educate illiterate people in our communities and societies. 

In order to spice up the event, a short simulation was launched. Each of the participants were assigned to represent their ideas on "the Role of Literacy and Education for Sustainable Development". The participant appeared very excited with the role-play and came up with insightful and interesting speeches. 

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UNO Baku Encouraging Youth to Get Involved in their Country’s Development

12 August 2014
Youth at the event


In observance of International Youth Day, UNO Baku in partnership with the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation and Educational Center for Youth, held a Model UN Workshop on 12 August. The event was held in Samukh, approximately 300 kilometers away from the capital Baku. The workshop attracted more than 30 determined young participants from various regions of Azerbaijan. The main aim of the event was to develop a better understanding of the UN’s work among youth and raise the awareness of the organization’s cause. In addition, UNO Baku’s team members along with other highly qualified experts, trained the participants in public speaking, debating, and writing skills. Moreover critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills elements were reflected during the Model UN simulation workshop. 

The event started with the screening of a video about the UN’s work and followed with the presentation, which provided the participants with in-depth information about working procedures and the conduct of Model United Nations. Later, the training expert Mr. Sabuhi Khalili engaged participants in discussions of the role of youth in the development of the country, and inspiring them to act in the best interest of the nation states that they were assigned to. Participants seemed to be very excited about the topic, especially since each of the attendees was involved into the heated discussions and was given an opportunity to express his or her view through the diplomatic simulation.   

During the event, Ramin Jafarov, representing Azerbaijan Youth Foundations said: “Today’s event opened up the opportunities for Azerbaijan regional youth to gain certain knowledge and new skills about diplomacy and international relations.” 

“Today’s event has inspired me to learn more about diplomacy and moreover acquaint myself with International Relations. Such simulation workshops are one of the most effective ways to begin the process of involving regional youth in the development issues of the country,” said Aygun Akhmedova, a participant.  “I want to call upon all participants in this simulation and say thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm,” said Zaka Guluyev, UNO Baku’s team member during his closing remarks. 

Remembering Nelson Mandela

18 July 2014

Students at the event

Marking the first Nelson Mandela International Day since Mandela’s death in December last year, UNO Baku, in partnership with the Baku Education Information Centre (BEIC), held an interactive session for youth and adolescents about the one of the world’s greatest public figures - Nelson Mandela.  The event took place at the BEIC’s on 18 July, inspiring Azerbaijani youth to volunteer and perform community service in order to honour Mandela's legacy.

The event started with the screening of UN Secretary-General’s video message in which Ban Ki-moon said: “Nelson Mandela Day is a call to action. Each of us can celebrate this Day by helping to address real problems in our communities. Together we can give great meaning to our celebration by paving the way for a better future.” Later, the event was followed by presentation, giving information about how Nelson Mandela devoted his life to the service of humanity as he fought for justice, democracy and equality.

“You can also take action and inspire change,” said UNO Baku’s team member Zaka Guluyev while informing participants about the essence of the 67 minutes campaign, which encourages people to help others. He gave examples of how one could make a difference through activities such as preparing meals for the elderly, helping out in orphanages, cleaning up parks and delivering computer literacy workshops, etc.

At the end of the event, participants had an interactive discussion about Nelson Mandela asking the UNO Baku team members interesting questions about his life and political movements.

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Azerbaijani youth discuss their priorities for the global post-2015 Development Agenda

14 July 2014



Opening a dialogue among civil society to discuss the future they want and to share aspirations, UNO Baku - in partnership with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) - organized a workshop for youth, representing different regions of Azerbaijan. The event took place within the framework of the second round of Post-2015 national consultations at UN House on 14 July, and gave an opportunity for youth to influence the post-2015 development agenda. 

“People from every corner of the world suggest priorities to build a collective vision that will be used directly by the United Nations and world leaders in order to plan a new development agenda beyond 2015,” said Ruslan Ismayil-zada, a Communications Officer of the United Nations and UN Development Programme in Azerbaijan. Facilitating the event, Mr. Ismayil-zada also mentioned that by joining the global discussion, Azerbaijani youth can also make their voice to be heard. 

Participants of the event analysed the Millennium Development Goals’ (MDGs) achievements and challenges in the country and discussed issues that matter in identifying Sustainable Development Goals for Azerbaijan. After three hours of heated discussions, youth participants highlighted issues that matter most for them, including better healthcare, good education, equality, and political freedom. 

“Today we discussed our priorities and views, which I hope, will help to provide our inputs to the global debate in implementation of the global post-2015 Development Agenda,” said workshop participant Nuriya Guliyeva. 

“It was very insightful and inspiring workshop that gave us an opportunity to hear the voices of Azerbaijani youth and their desire for the future they want,” said Zaka Guluyev, from UNO Baku.