Bilkent International School visits UNIC Ankara

07 October 2010

BLIS students at the presentation by UNIC Ankara

On 7 October, as part of the UN Information Centre (UNIC) in Ankara’s educational outreach activities, Bilkent International School (BLIS) 4th grade students, together with their teachers visited the Information Centre.
After playing “United Nations: It’s Your World” video, UNIC Information Officer informed students about the establishment, mandate, ideals and principles of the United Nations.
During the presentation based on UN4U programme, Information Officer asked questions about the United Nations to the students and hand out patches with Millennium Development Goals (MGDs), Stand Up Against Poverty and the International Year of Youth symbols to the students that gave the correct answers.

UNIC Information Officer, with an emphasis on the importance of achieving the MDGs, informed the students about how they can contribute and support UN activities and campaigns.