UNIS Vienna assists students in organizing Model UN Conference in Bratislava

05 November 2010

Students participating in Model UN Conference in Bratislava

On 5 November, United Nations Information Service (UNIS) Vienna assisted students of the Gymna’zium Jura Hronca in coordinating the Bratislava Model UN Conference. The conference took place from November 5 to 7 and was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic and the National Council of the Slovak Republic in Bratislava, Vienna.

The conference started on 5 November with keynote from Mikuláš Dzurinda Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.  He stated that “It is very promising to see that so many young people are interested in global issues and in the work of the United Nations,” he emphasized that the United Nations was central to Slovak foreign policy in seeking effective and timely solutions to global challenges.

In attendance were students from about 130 high schools in Slovakia and other countries as well as Policy Advisor to the Vice-Chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, Ambassadors of the United States and United Kingdom; Director of the British Council Slovakia, Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, Head of the International School, Secretary-General of the Conference and UNIS Vienna’s Deputy to the Director. Sonja Wintersberger UNIS Deputy to the Director said that an estimated half million or more students in more than 70 countries participated in Model UN conferences every year reflecting the commitment of young citizens to the goals and values of the United Nations.

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