Social Good Summit: Uzbekistan Meet-up

14 November 2012

The UN Information Office (UNO) in Tashkent joined UNDP in organizing the Social Good Summit in Tashkent on 22-24 September 2012. Launched in New York, the event continued with online meet-ups in Tashkent, China and Kenya. The summit was organized by the UNDP, Ericsson, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Mashable.

The summit was also a great venue for participants to discuss the impact of mass media and modern technologies in adopting decisions to solve important international issues.

Famous actors, actresses, painters, musicians, writers, journalists, bloggers, political workers, UN officials, NGO representatives, business structures and others participated in the meet-ups.

In Uzbekistan, youth activists took the lead in discussing ideas around social media and how they could be utilized for making a difference in their local communities. Dozens others later joined in with their stories on how they were using such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, and others to reach out to more people in the remotest areas of Uzbekistan.

The Uzbekistan Meet-up took place with technical support from “Sharq Telekom” – a local connectivity provider.