Conference on 1000 Days of Action to achieve the MDGs

19 April 2013

On Friday 19 April, UNIC Antananarivo with together with several UN agencies organized the first conference-debate for the “1000 Days of Action to achieve the MDGs” campaign which was led by UNDP Economic Counselor Simplice Zouhon Bi and INSTAT Director Niaina Randrianjanaka (National Institute of Statistics).

The conference discussed the progress achieved, the challenges that still need to be addressed and the views on how to achieve the MDGs in Madagascar. The statistics presented during the debate show that it would be difficult for Madagascar to achieve the eight MDGs before 2015. Indeed, poverty worsened between 2005 and 2010, mainly because of the 2009 political crisis.

Mr Simplice Zouhon Bi  presented two scenarios for the MDGs achievement: the “status quo” scenario which includes the role of the private sector, the institutional capacities of the public sector and the assistance of the Technical and Financial Partners; and the scenario of the “collective jump” which involves the sensitization of development actors, technical assistance and development aid and specific support by the UN System – framework of MDGs acceleration, resources mobilization and aid coordination.

The moderator invited the participants to be committed, engaged to take more actions for reducing poverty in Madagascar. All the stakeholders recognized that it is time to work together and to coordinate the actions in order to get more and better results. 

Proposals from the audience abounded: the RFA (African Women Network) suggested the reopening of CSB 2 (basic health centers); an activists highlighted the restoration of democracy; the CNFM (national Malagasy Women Council) proposed to involve the future candidates to the presidential elections in the 1000 Days campaign; the UN Clubs remeinded their involvement in development activities; the Girl scouts solicited to grant more value to youth actions.