A picture is worth how many tweets?

06 May 2013

There is an old saying that actions speak louder than words. As per the new UN Information Centre (UNIC) Rio de Janeiro video, that may be updated to say that images speak louder than words.

To elucidate the reach and output of UNIC's electronic media, the Centre produced a beautiful video that guides the viewer through an upbeat musical presentation of sites and stats.

In just 2:23 minutes, UNIC has transformed what might have been dry numerical information into an engaging informative experience. For example, in the first 18 seconds, you learn that in April, the website received 400,000 page views with 160,000 unique visitors and 380 stories published in Portuguese.

Breaking down the social media portion of the UNIC website, the Centre has garnered an impressive 15,000 YouTube views, 8,521 Twitter followers and 3,841 Facebook likes. This number went up significantly when looking at the dedicated "Future we Want" page, which boasts 13, 568 Twitter followers and 50,603 Facebook likes.

But its not just statistics, the video illustrates the various social media sites with screen shots of each.

UNIC Rio also has special websites in Portuguese, such as for the Security Council, the Horn of Africa, Syria, Haiti and Mali. Its newest addition is for Journalists safety.

It's hard to say what is more impressive, the electronic outreach the UN is generating in Brazil, or the cool video that illustrates it!