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Panama City

September   1984
Service to Panama
Head of office Ms. Cristian Munduate
Resident Coordinator
Street address UN House Building 129, First Floor
Ciudad del Saber, Clayton
Panama, Republic of Panama
Website https://panama.un.org  Spanish
Products and services Computer access, Internet access, Reference library, Virtual library
Working language English, Spanish
Work week
Monday 0830 1700
Tuesday 0830 1700
Wednesday 0830 1700
Thursday 0830 1700
Friday 0830 1700
Holidays 2020
1 January Ano Nuevo
24 February Lunes de Carnaval
25 February Martes de Carnaval
9 April Jueves Santo
10 April Viernes Santo
26 May Eid Al-Fitr
31 July Eid al-Adha
3 November Separacion de Panama de Colombia
8 December Dia de las Madres
25 December Navidad
Mailing address P. O. Box 0819-01082
Republic of Panama
Phone (507) 302-4500
Contacts Ms. Cristian Munduate
Resident Coordinator

Ms. Janibeth Miranda
National Information Officer

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