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March   1975
Service to Turkey
Head of office Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez
Resident Coordinator a.i.
Street address United Nations Information Centre
Yıldız Kule, Yukarı Dikmen Mahallesi, Turan Güneş Bulvarı, No:106
06550 Cankaya
Ankara, Turkey
Products and services Computer access, Internet access, Newsletter, Reference library, Virtual library
Working language English, Turkish
Work week
Monday 0830 1800
Tuesday 0830 1800
Wednesday 0830 1800
Thursday 0830 1800
Friday 0830 1230
Holidays 2020
Mailing address UNIC Ankara Yıldız Kule, Yukarı Dikmen Mahallesi
Turan Güneş Bulvarı, No:106, 06550
Ankara, Turkey
Phone (90-312) 454-1052
Fax (90-312) 496-1499
Contacts Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez
Resident Coordinator a.i.

Mr. Kadir Ahmet Parla
National Information Officer

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