United Nations Information Centres

Multimedia products

Several Information Centres broadcast their own radio/TV programmes which include the latest news about the United Nations and/or news about the activities of the United Nations at the local level. On average, annually, UNICs release over 200 locally-produced radio programmes and approximately 20 TV programmes. The programmes use some selected material from United Nations Radio in New York as well as from other Headquarters offices.

UNICs also have collections of films, videos, CD-Roms, DVDs, and photos available to the public.

Below you will find some examples of the types of multimedia products produced and collected by the UNIC network.

UNIC Accra
UNIC Antananarivo
UNIC Brazzaville
UNIC Bujumbura
UNIC Dakar
UNIC Dar es Salaam
UNIC Harare
UNIC Lagos
UNIC Lusaka
UNIC Nairobi
UNIC Ouagadougou
UNIC Pretoria
UNIC Windhoek
UNIC Yaounde
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Arab States
UNIC Beirut
UNIC Cairo
UNIC Khartoum
UNIC Tripoli
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UNIC Bogotá
UNIC Buenos Aires
UNIC Mexico City
UNIC Panama City
UNIC Port of Spain
UNIC Rio de Janeiro
UNIC Washington, D.C.
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Asia and Pacific
UNIC Canberra
UNIC Dhaka
UNIC Islamabad
UNIC Kathmandu
UNIC New Delhi
UNIC Tehran
UNIC Tokyo
UNIC Yangon
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Europe and CIS
UNO Baku
UNRIC Brussels
UNO Minsk
UNO Tashkent
UNO Tbilisi
UNIC Warsaw
UNO Yerevan
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