United Nations Information Centres


The United Nations Information Centres rely on the network of local media outlets, non-governmental organizations, and private sector entities to disseminate the messages of the United Nations, connect with target audiences and implement issue-based communications campaigns. Using the creative energy and collective resources of such groups, the Information Centres are able to organize special events, publish local language materials and connect with new audiences, often in remote areas.

UN Communications Group

The United Nations Communications Group (UNCG), established in 2002 as the global communications platform of the United Nations system, has emerged as a strong unifying platform for dealing with common communications challenges facing the United Nations. With the growing emphasis on system-wide coherence and "Delivering as One" at the country level, the Group helps plan, coordinate and implement joint public information and communications activities at the country level. UNCGs at the country level operate in some 80 countries, in most cases with the active involvement and leadership of UNICs.


To reach an even broader audience, UNICs are in daily contact with local and national media outlets. UNIC staff produce press releases, brief journalists on issues on the United Nations agenda, contribute articles to newspapers and appear on national radio and television programmes. Several Centres produce their own programmes for broadcast by local stations. Journalists rely on UNICs as an authoritative source of information about the United Nations.

Civil Society

A global network of over 1,600 civil society organizations associated with DGC collaborates with United Nations Information Centres to spread information about the work of the UN to local audiences. Civil society organizations provide a crucial link to ordinary citizens at the grass-roots level.

Private Sector

From achieving the Millennium Development Goals to working with youth, the private sector is increasingly partnering with United Nations Information Centres to promote the work of the UN.