United Nations Information Centres

UN Communications Group

The United Nations Communications Group (UNCG) is the common communications platform of the United Nations system. It comprises the information offices of the United Nations family of organizations, including the Secretariat, specialized agencies, programmes and funds. The Group was formed in January 2002 as a mechanism for inter-agency coordination in the field of public information and communications.

The main purpose of the UNCG at the country level is to strengthen inter-agency cooperation in the field of communications and to increase the media profile of United Nations activities at the national level. UNCGs do this by providing leadership in communications for the UN Country Team (all the UN funds, programmes and agencies located there), identifying new and creative ways to show how UN programmes are delivering results and promoting a coherent image of the United Nations.

Communications Groups have been formed in nearly all of the countries where United Nations Information Centres are based. The Centres often play an important role in the leadership and functioning of these UNCGs at the country level. UNICs serve as secretariat of the Group and in many cases chair it. With their knowledge of the local media and other key constituencies and their ability to address partners in their own language, UNICs can enhance the work of the UNCG.